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I have one star, cause they're can only be one. Ask Kobe and Shaq. Most of my business isn't done on Slang. No Price is set in stone, prices are above average, and all prices start high to weed out bullshit artists and storytellers. "PayPal Ready" gets you blocked. No I don't want to DM you, and don't contact me unless you understand I will not do it your way or meet half way. Trades are done via venmo/square cash. You will ship first, or you will venmo that amount to me and I will hold in escrow until your sneakers are validated. Money then to be returned. Prices are NET/NET- do not quote average costs from GOAT, KIXIFY, STOCKX, EBAY, anywhere. I'll Know just like you'll know if I'm getting fucked or you're trying to fuck me. Trades | IF you want to trade, I will. As long as it is one of these Sneakers in a Size 12 or Higher. Maybe an 11... Trades and Deals off Slang are done via Venmo & Square - Sneakers are 100% Authentic or double your Money back and you can keep the Sneakers and file a complaint and fraud - I don't do . Fake, Rep, UA, whatever - Not me, Not here, Not ever. Accuse or throw shade, make more Money stop hating. See Below For Trade List Sz 12 + Ultra Boost - Naked Waves Ultra Boost - Multi-Color 3.0 Ultra Boost - CNY, both Wood-Wood. Ultra Boost - All Solar Colors Ultra Boost - All LTD, Medals, Reflective, Collaboration and Consortium. I want Ultra Boosts 1.0-3.0. Nike - Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, Jordan I / III / IV Asics - Gel Lyte 3, 5 Diadora - V7000, N9000 "Highly Addictive and Almonds" Please don't bother with anything else. Especially if it's still for sale on adidas, Nike, FL,FN,SNS,SS,JDS, etc...Last seen 2 years ago · Joined 05/13/2017



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